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The Venus Adonis Connection

Why men and women get attracted to each other? Simple, it is for the sake of making love! Sex is natural between opposite sex and good for both body and mind. However, natural “love making” doesn’t happen without initial physical attraction. People prefer sex with beautiful ( woman) and handsome (man) . Women love being seduced by man with perfect Heman look. And men wants to seduce gorgeous women.

Both men and women are complicated creature to each other. Yet each get attracted to other due to sexual factor. The story of Adonis and Venus is endless inspiration for lovers of all ages as much as Adam & Eve and Valentine

Venus & Adonis, the perfect and mythical Greek couple depicted on William Shakespeare’s poem.

Venus & Adonis - The perfect couple

As Adonis is preparing to go hunting, Venus “seizeth on his sweating palm” and “Backward she push’d him, as she would be thrust” (for purposes of sexual intercourse). We find next that “Panting he lies, and breaths in her face,” while Venus tells him “Be bold to play, our sport is not in sight.” She persuades him to kiss her, although Adonis is not very interested, thinking he is too young, and cares only for hunting. After they part, Adonis is soon killed in a hunting “accident”.

The poem contains what may be Shakespeare’s most graphic depiction of sexual excitement. Source: Wikipedia

Adonis – The Perfect Man

A hunter, a handsome warrior and perfect male to woman!


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Adonis body

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Venus- The Real Feminine Body

She is beautiful, gorgeous and endless source of love!


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