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The Adonis Golden Ratio Review

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is the brainchild of author Brad Howard, John Barban, Kyle Lean & Brad Pilon.

In order to help men achieve the body type to which women are instinctively attracted and that men admire. They developed a twelve-week workout program that takes you step by step through the process of achieving the physique you want.

Once you have successfully completed all aspects of the Adonis Ratio plan, you will have the broad shoulders and narrow waist that typifies the Golden Ratio.

Perhaps you have heard of the Golden Ratio, the number 1.618 that occurs an astounding number of times throughout nature. It can be seen in everything from the spirals on a seashell to the patterns in our own DNA.

Why Adonis Golden Ratio?

Adonis Golden Ratio program highlight

The Golden Ratio

Sometimes also called the Adonis index or Adonis ratio. This golden number 1.618 can also refer to the ratio of a man’s shoulders to his waist.

According to the theory of the Adonis effect, women are attracted to the strength and symmetry displayed by a man. But that’s only when his body exemplifies the Golden Ratio.

The Beauty of this Golden concept are

  • Short men can get attractive body
  • Skinny boys can super attractive body
  • Tall or fat men can get attractive body
  • It doesn’t matter your race or skin color

Your goal should be getting the ‘golden ratio’ which naturally attracts opposite sex. (Female in this case)

You might be asking yourself how you can determine your own Adonis index. Fortunately, John Barban will literally do the work for you. All you need to do is go to the AdonisRatio site.

Once you get there, you will see that he has provided a calculator into which you simply need to input your height, shoulder width, and waist size. The tool tells you your ideal body measurement. Moreover, the software calculate everything for you including diet and nutrition guide.

With one click of a button, the program will help you arrive at your very own Adonis Index, the number that you will shoot for in the upcoming weeks of your workouts.

Fortunately, the Adonis Effect program does not expect that you will simply show up at the gym, snap your fingers a few times, and arrive at your target Golden Ratio body in two months.

Get Adonis Golden Ratio Today

The Adonis program is a digital downloadable product. It also comes with free mobile app which is very handy. Additionally, you can download the program to your computer or simply read them online.

How much does it cost?

You get lifetime membership for just $37. To be honest, that’s a insane deal to completely transform your body. This is discounted price compared to normal price of $57

Adonis golden ratio changes the way your workout forever!
Join Adonis Program for $37
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